College at a Glance

College at a Glance

Nalanda College, Biharsharif is situated in the heart of the town, facing the Law courts of Biharsharif. The location of the college was influenced of course by the land owned by Rai Bahadur Edal Singh, but the site was chosen also to facilitate the reach of the students to the college. Since its inception the college has fulfilled by the ideals of the late Rai Bahadur who wished to remind the people of the locality of the glory of the ancient Nalanda University. He, together with some very well-known legal luminaries of Bihar, fashioned the policies and objectives of this institution. Student had to be motivated to learn the rudiments of Science. Therefore able teachers in Science faculty were recruited who instilled confidence in boys and girls coming from the rural background.

The historical significance of Nalanda is well known- Biharsharif is in the north of Nalanda and Rajgir, the two places related both to Lord Buddha and Hindu mythology. Additionally, the shrine of Sufi saint Makhdum Saheb is located in Biharsharif and is visited annually by lots of pilgrims from Pakistan and other Muslim Countries States. There is thus a confluence of religious beliefs and cultural practices and Philosophical ideas which is reflected in the life style of the local people.

In the beginning the college was affiliated to Calcutta University. In the 1960’s Honours courses were introduced and were immediately a huge success. The addition of Vocational courses in 2000 has connected the educational scenario of Nalanda College with that of the nation as a whole. More and more students are now opting for Management and Computer course – about 300 students are at present enrolled in the current session. The college offers 33 programmes which include 28 conventional and 5 courses at UG Level. A number of students from neighboring districts are pursuing PG courses among whom the numbers of women students is quite large. The reputation of the college attracts them; the teaching boosts their confidence. They receive guidance regarding employment opportunities which helps them find suitable jobs. Vocational courses are a great favorite among present-day students. Teaching in these courses is provided by a band of young and dedicated teachers who by their energy, are successful in motivating these students.

Transparency in admission procedure is scrupulously followed. Admissions to both UG and PG classes are held in accordance with merit. Applications are invited, merit lists are prepared and then admissions are allowed. Admission of SC/ST, women students and reservation category students are held as per government circulars. Along with the admission process the Departments prepare a calendar that includes decisions on unit tests, seminars and guest lectures. A few add-on courses such as Spoken English, Computer Skills and Office Management are being held to give and extra sheen to the academic attainments.

            The construction of smart classrooms has added charm to learning and teaching both. Students of all the courses- Conventional and Vocational – have access to smart classroom teaching. Teachers prepare their presentations after discussions with colleagues and it is only then they face students in the smart classrooms. A systematic presentation of various points related to a topic is possible in audio-visual format which our student’s greatly enjoy. Guest faculty also have much convenience in presenting their viewpoint in this way.

The central library of the college has at present 24000 books and 800 journals. It has ably supported student, teachers and research scholars in pursuit of higher learning. Research scholars of other colleges and institutions in Nalanda district have also benefited from our library. The automation of library is in progress. The library is equipped worth 20 computers and the students/faculties can access information online.

At present Nalanda college is prestigious examination center of many all India Competitive examinations because of its expansive infrastructure. The college is also host of many distance learning programmes being conducted by IGNOU & Nalanda Open University.

Transparency in maintaining accounts of the college is apparent in annual audits conducted by Chartered Accountants, development of the college infrastructure is being taken care of by IQAC after its formation. The Principal is the convener of IQAC; the proposals finalized by IQAC are forwarded to college development committee which prepared detained plans and secures approval.

The college has completed 148 years of its uninterrupted existence as a leading educational institution of Bihar state. Teachers, Non-Teaching staff and the students of the college are proud of the Centenary celebrations of the college, held in 1970. Many old teachers and citizens of Biharsharif remember the inauguration of the programme by Sri V. V. Giri, the then President of India. It is no small a matter of pride to know that Prithvi Raj Kapoor the doyen of Hindi film industry also attended the programme and entertained the audience with his legendary performance. However, this is a fact that fills in all of us a deep sense of responsibility – the glory of the past must be matched by quality performance in the present.